“Some of the things that surprise me about living at the Arbors was how easy it was to meet the people, it makes you feel like one big happy family in a short period of time.”

Mrs. F.

“I am sports inclined, and in order to perform sports and succeed in them you have to exercise, so I like that there is a nice exercise room. I also play poker and every Wednesday and Saturday night I attempt to relieve my friends of with a little bit of their money. You have your choice in the dining room for your own table and inviting people, or accepting invitations from others or just going down and being seated with others. We also enjoy the rack of lamb on Sunday – one of our favorites.” 

Judge F.

“I had a condo with all of these stairs, and it was getting to be too much, I was thinking of selling it and going into a one floor apartment. Then my son in law made an appointment with Suzanne at Arbors. We toured the community and I made the deposit and moved in a month-and-a-half later. That was it, I was just so impressed with the place! This place has given me an extremely warm feeling and is what I needed the most. It is my home within my home.” 

Carolyn S.

“I decided to move to the Arbors because my house got too big. The maintenance was driving me crazy, and I decided it was time to leave. One of the things that impressed me when I first moved in was the fact that everyone was just so friendly and cheerful and the staff was so accommodating. And when I say the staff, I mean the office staff right down to the maintenance people." 

Doris J.

“We have lived at Arbors for about six months. From the first day that we moved in we've told all of our friends that we just love it here. We can’t say enough about the good service in the dining room, and the food is excellent. The servers are very helpful and willing and make the meal a good experience. We enjoy the transportation service as well – it brings us to the Casino! We have a whole new world of friends since moving here.”

 – Mr. and Mrs. Robert R.

"I have found that since being at Arbors I have gained access to interesting outings, great entertainment and exciting cultural events that I would not have known about if I was by myself at home. There is always something to do every day, whether it is a craft project, stretch and tone class or going out to the theatre, the choice is mine. I was so excited to hear that they have raised garden beds and did not have to give up my favorite hobby of gardening.” 

Doris B.

“The Beauty Salon is very nice here and has just been redecorated. Another thing I want to comment on is that everything is right here – I don’t have to leave or go anywhere. I especially appreciate it when it is snowing out. I also love the general store – if I run out of milk or eggs, it's so close by.”

– Mrs. F.

“Every year I waited to make the move to Arbors was a year of my retirement wasted. Here I am free to focus on what’s most important to me, rather than being weighed down by the anchor of daily chores. When I finally decided to list my home, it sold quicker than I ever expected.” 

Jean C.

“I had lived in my home for years. When I considered moving to Arbors, I was unsure how I would fit all of my stuff into an apartment. That’s when I evaluated how many rooms and possessions in my old home I was really using. Moving was liberating and the Arbors staff and professionals offered a lot of help and advice to make that move easy.” 

Marilyn W.

“In my old home, my property taxes and homeowners insurance kept increasing every year, as well as the cost of maintaining my home. Arbors ended up being less expensive than keeping up my former home and offered me more freedom. When I looked at a side-by-side comparison of the price tag of home ownership and maintenance and the cost living at Arbors with all its services and comforts, it just made sense to make the move. Living at Arbors offers a predictable monthly expense, a great lifestyle and is a solid investment in your future.” 

Marion F.