The Right Choice for You?

Helping You Determine if You Are Ready to Move to a Continuing Care Retirement Community

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) provides you and your family with the peace of mind you want along with a new, easier way to live. Knowing how to determine if you are ready to move to a CCRC can be a balance and a challenge. Here are some things to think about when deciding if it might be time to consider a CCRC:

Consider a CCRC if you or your spouse are beginning to require more care than the other can give provide. If you or your spouse are starting to need more care than you used to, and you don’t want to impose on others to help, a CCRC may be the perfect fit. Keep in mind that caregiving can really take a toll on a person’s body, mind and spirit. CCRCs offer a couple the chance to remain on the same campus – often in the same apartment – as health needs change. 

Make the move to a CCRC if your healthcare provider recommends it. You or your spouse may have a condition that requires more medical attention than you or your spouse can provide. This could include driving trips to the doctor's office, changing a medical dressing, preparing nutritious enough food and/or administering medication. 

Take into consideration the social aspect of CCRC living and eliminate any fear of living alone. Living by yourself without social stimulation can be depressing. Most facilities offer exercise classes or “sporting” amenities and organized group activities in addition to having meals and events together so that you can keep your spirits high and make new friends in a community of like-minded people.

Don't let worry rule your life. You shouldn't be afraid to answer your door or look out the windows at night. If you have fears stemming from being alone, you should consider CCRC living.

Ask yourself if your own home is becoming a hazard. If you worry about slipping on your walkways, tripping when doing your laundry in the basement or falling down the stairs, especially in the New England winters, a CCRC may be a good choice for you.

Think about your transportation needs. If you are no longer able or lack the desire to drive, a CCRC may be a good fit for you as most offer transportation to-and-from necessary activities such as grocery shopping and/or visiting the doctor's office. 

Are you concerned about not having family or a support system nearby, or do you not want to become a “burden” to them if you do? If you don't have family that visits you on a regular basis each week, it may be time to think about taking advantage of the social interaction and assistance a CCRC facility can give you. Even if family is close, what a gift you provide by not having to impose on their lives to take care of your needs.

Are you concerned about planning for any potential future long-term care needs? In a CCRC you can advance easily to receive health care in your home or post rehab care at the health care center if you feel that you require more care than you can get by living independently. If you are already on property, the process is easy.