Monthly Cost Calculator

With all of the benefits and services that Arbors provides, you might be wondering if you can afford to live in an all-inclusive retirement community. Surprisingly, the cost of living at Arbors is often less than or comparable to the day-to-day costs for staying in your own home.

Even better - at Arbors, you no longer have to worry about unexpected costs for things like a new roof, storm damage or a broken furnace. There's a good chance you're paying much more to maintain your home than you think.

To meet the varying financial situations of individuals, Arbors offers three Entrance Fee options - a Declining Balance, a 50% Refundable option and a 90% Refundable option. The Entrance Fee for a typical one-bedroom apartment ranges from the low $70,000s to $200,000's, depending on the Entrance Fee option that is selected. We have many apartment styles to choose from!

In addition to the Entrance Fee, there is also a Monthly Fee that covers the cost of your apartment, maintenance, dining, activities and more. Monthly Fees at Arbors start around $2,000 per month.

To help you compare the monthly expense of living life well cared for in Arbors vs. living in your current home, we've developed this simple cost calculator below.

Simply put in your average monthly costs in the left column and push calculate at the end to compare to your current expenses to a one-bedroom unit at Arbors.

Benefit or Service

Your Home


Home Mortage or Rent $ $ *
Your Apartment Home Monthly Fee
Heating & Air Conditioning $ Included
Trash Removal / Recycling $ Included
Property Taxes $ Included
Basic Cable TV $ Included
Biweekly Housekeeping $ Included
(One meal per day)
$ Included
Entertainment / Recreation $ Included
(Car related costs for daily errands)
$ Included
Home Security / Emergency Response $ Included
Wellness Center / Health Club $ Included
Home Maintenance
(Plumbing, electrical, appliance repair, etc.)
$ Included
Seasonal Maintenance
(Lawn care, snow removal, etc.)
$ Included
Major Home Repairs
(Roof, AC/heat, painting, driveway, foundation, etc.)
$ Included
Total Monthly Expenses $ $

* Assuming a single occupancy one-bedroom 'Style A' apartment

Download a printable version here.