Carefree Lifestyle

Retirement. You’ve worked long and hard to get here. You’ve been planning, saving and envisioning it for years. You’ve pictured all the opportunities this unique time would bring.

Now it’s your time to make the most of it. Arbors of Hop Brook is the perfect place to live the carefree lifestyle you’ve imagined.

Forget the worries, responsibilities and time-consuming chores associated with home ownership. No more raking leaves, shoveling snow, cleaning gutters, washing windows or mowing grass.

But that’s merely the beginning. Here your time is yours. We’ll take care of the housekeeping, cooking and even the bed linens! Your days are yours to spend just as you choose, free from the drudgery of daily tasks.

So what will you do with your time?

Arbors is a thriving community. With our full calendar of events, you will always have plenty of activities and excursions from which to choose. Meeting new neighbors with interesting professional backgrounds and life experiences, you will create new friendships. Thinking about traveling? Go with complete peace of mind, knowing your apartment will be cared for.

This is your time. Arbors of Hop Brook will help you make the most of every moment.