Community COVID Update 3/31

Resident, Family, and Staff COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Update 3/31/20

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As the global outbreak of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) continues to unfold, please be assured that the health and safety of our residents and team members remain our number one priority. Sunrise takes our responsibility to support seniors and their families seriously, and we are especially committed to continuing to do so during this time.


Please see new updates (as indicated by the ***)


The CDC’s is concerned there may be a spreading of the COVID-19 virus between people, even though they do not exhibit any symptoms or become sick. In response to the change in upcoming CDC recommendations, we requiring that all non-residents entering our building are to wear face protection (mask, buff or bandana) at all times when in our building and common areas. We have a very limited supply for sale. 


A reminder that residents should observe Social Distancing and allow for 6 feet of space when interacting with other residents and staff. Please continue to observe Social Distancing as we deliver mail, dining trays, and provide housekeeping or maintenance in your apartment. Unlocking your front door prior to our arrival is very helpful, thank you!



If you observe staff wearing masks, please don’t be alarmed. Please remember that all persons entering the building are screened for respiratory symptoms and fever before entering the building. Staff are wearing masks as an additional precaution, for your protection and for theirs.



We are partnering with Faith Care to provide a caregiver/companion to any resident on an hourly basis. This caregiver will live onsite and has experience providing personal care, including washing and setting hair. More details follow at the end of this notice. $22/hr, one hour minimum. Services can be arranged by calling Marie at Faith Care 860-643-1300. Please see the flyer at the bottom of this notice.



Visiting family members are welcome to contact residents through our Chat Window. The window is located in the space which is usually the Marketing office. Family access this window from the outside, located on the right side of our front entrance, with call-in instructions posted on the exterior door. Residents are on one side of the glass door, family members are on the other side of the door. Calls are connected through a speaker-phone in the marketing office. Please be aware that state of Connecticut is prohibiting traveling other than for essential services.



Grocery delivery services have been less than reliable as the nation adjusts to the new restrictions. With Instacart preparing to strike, we forsee more delays with regard to grocery delivery. For that reason, we have distributed Store & More order forms. These items are available through our dining services and offer the most stable and reliable option for food staples. Most items can be delivered within 24 hours. Copies can be found and delivered to the front desk.



No visitors are permitted inside except for those related to vital health care, safety, or end of life care.

The State of Connecticut Department of Public Health has restricted visitors from entering Manchester Manor. The only visitors allowed at the Manor Center are for residents who are on end-of-life care.



During early stages of sickness, people show no symptoms yet are contagious and spread the virus.  Again, persons are unknowingly spreading the virus by talking/spluttering/expelling saliva when interacting with others, unaware that they are spreading it. Personal contact (closer than 6 feet) is the most likely way to become infected. For that reason, we strongly recommend that residents remain on campus and avoid contact with others. We also strongly recommend that residents do not leave their apartment and avoid any gathering inside or outside of Arbors. This includes grocery stores, hallways, places of worship, retailers, parties, family gatherings etc. At this time it is extremely important that we self-quarantine and contain.

We encourage residents to enjoy the outdoors. The back walkways remain closed due to construction. Please maintain the 6 feet of social distancing when outside.



Every person entering the building is being screened daily and required to complete a health-check screening including a temperature scan.

Any staff member who has respiratory symptoms must stay home until cleared by their physician.



Meals will be delivered to apartments on disposable plates with a disposable tray. Meal service will shift to an afternoon service for our main meal. Breakfast and light dinner trays will be available (like Sunday service). Please unlock your door to allow for efficient service.



All resident group activities, events and meetings have been cancelled at this time.

The shared communal newspapers will be discontinued at this time.



All common space will be closed. Chairs will be removed/reduced as feasible.

Due to the high volume of staff, deliveries, and health care workers coming in to the lobby, this space is a high risk area and should be avoided.


REMAIN IN YOUR APARTMENT IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS of fever, cough or shortness of breath. Please call the front desk to report your symptoms.



Resident-related deliveries (i.e. newspapers, groceries, Amazon, liquor, medication etc) will be received at the front desk and will be delivered to resident apartments by staff.



Packages being dropped off for residents by family can be arranged by calling the front desk at 860-533-2517.



Our housekeeping staff are working long and hard to clean high-touch surfaces with an effective virus-killing cleaner. We also continue to educate our residents and staff on respiratory etiquette and good hand hygiene.



Transportation services have been canceled with the exception of necessary medical appointments that will continue as scheduled.



Driving everything we do, there are three clear purposes:

  • Minimize any potential exposure to residents
  • Be as prepared as possible to provide the best service and support for our residents in any circumstance
  • Put each of you in the best position to both do your job and minimize risk to your own health and wellbeing

Stay tuned for creative ways and ideas to maintain contact with family and persons outside of Arbors. If there is any bright side to this pandemic it is this: we will all learn new ways and discover new tools to help us through this “new normal”.



We are in this together. This is an evolving process as the world learns more about this illness and how it can be studied, contained, addressed, and resolved. We appreciate your understanding. As this public health concern emerges, our staff and leadership remain focused on providing the greatest amount of certainty and safety we can offer. We are thankful for the words of encouragement and support from families and residents.



Chanté Drasdis

Executive Director

Arbors of Hop Brook