Best Mother's Day Gifts for Elderly

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for the Elderly

You want to recognize your mom on Mother’s Day, but as she gets older, it can be challenging to find gift ideas that she’ll actually use. This is especially true if your mom has downsized and moved to a retirement community, where she may have more limited space than she did at her previous family home. Of course, your mom will love anything you get for her, but you want to find a Mother’s Day gift that strikes the perfect balance between thoughtful and practical.

To help you find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your elderly mom, we’ve rounded up 50 fabulous gift ideas that she’ll not only love and appreciate but actually use. You’ll find gifts for any budget and gift ideas ranging from the whimsical to the luxurious, making it easy to find a gift that perfectly suits your mom’s needs and her taste. Note that the Mother’s Day gifts for the elderly below are listed in alphabetical order; otherwise, they’re not ranked or rated in any way.

  1. 5 Minute Foot Mat & Aromatherapy Balm

Give your mom’s tired, aching feet some sweet relief with this 5 Minute Foot Mat. With Agar tree, frankincense, and sandal wood essential-oil aromatherapy balm, it combines the benefits of acupressure with aromatherapy to relieve stress, tension, and pain.

Cost: $39.00

  1. Audible Subscription

If your mom struggles with vision impairment, reading can be challenging. An Audible subscription will keep her love of reading alive. With a subscription, she can listen to books by all her favorite authors. She can also listen to podcasts, guided wellness, and even Audible Originals with unlimited access.

Cost: $14.95 per month

  1. Aura Carver Luxe HD Smart Digital Picture Frame

She may not have room to display all the precious photo memories she wants to in individual frames, but this digital picture frame offers a practical, space-saving solution. With this 10.1-inch HD frame, she can display all her favorite photos in a rotating slideshow. This digital picture frame was named one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2021, plus it’s compatible with Alexa for easy voice operation.

Cost: $179.00

  1. Besmon Electric Jar Opener

If your mom has lost grip strength, opening jars can be challenging. The Besmon Electric Jar Opener allows her to open jars completely hands-free. It works on jar lids from 1.2 to 3.5 inches. Keep in mind, though, that it doesn’t work on plastic lids.

Cost: $29.99

  1. BloomsyBox Flower Subscription

Brighten up your mom’s living space with a BloomsyBox flower subscription. Choose from monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly subscriptions, as well as a variety of specialty subscription options such as roses, pet-friendly blooms, plants, and more. If your mom resides in a senior living community, it’s a good idea to check with the staff first to ensure fresh flowers are permitted.

Cost: Plans start at $44.99 per month

  1. Bogs Sauvie Slip On Boot

Easy to slip on, these ultra-comfortable, waterproof boots can handle just about anything. They have rebound cushioning in the midsole for lasting comfort and are lined with Bogs Max-Wick to keep her feet dry. Plus, the BioGrip slip resistant outsole will help keep her steady on her feet even in inclement weather.

Cost: $90.00

  1. Bombas Everyday Compression Socks

Bombas Everyday Compression Socks have a medium level of compression, providing all-day support to relieve restless legs and provide exceptional comfort. This three-pack comes in several options, from basic grey, white, and black to colorful fair isle patterns.

Cost: $72.00

  1. Bombas Gripper Slippers

A pair of Bombas Gripper Slippers give your mom something cozy and comfortable to wear on her feet that will grip the surface of the floor to prevent slipping and sliding that can lead to falls. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns.

Cost: $42.00

  1. Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Bundle

This bundle includes a sleep mask and pillowcase made of 100% Mulberry Silk, which protects her skin and hair from friction damage while she sleeps at night. Naturally cool to the touch, the material is breathable but also insulating for the ultimate in comfort.

Cost: $79.00 and up

  1. Burt’s Bees Gift Set

If you’re looking for an affordable gift your elderly mother will definitely use, you can’t beat this Burt’s Bees Gift Set, containing all the everyday essentials to nourish her skin. It includes a lip balm, foot cream, body lotion, cleansing cream, and hand salve in compact travel sizes.

Cost: $9.98

  1. Canopy Humidifier w/ Aroma + Filter Subscription

The Canopy Humidifier hydrates rooms up to 500 square feet in size, maintaining optimal hydration levels in the air, which can help keep her skin healthy while also relieving cold and flu symptoms. It comes with an aroma kit to add a pleasing fragrance to her space, and a new filter and aroma kit (including 3 aromas and 3 aroma pucks) arrives every 45 days.

Cost: $125

  1. Captioned Heart Snapshot Mix® Photo Art

Capture her most precious memories in a piece of art that she’ll be proud to display. Customized with the photos and captions of your choice, the memories are displayed in the shape of a heart.

Cost: $29.00 and up (depending on size and frame)

  1. Clever Fox Password Book

If your elderly mother struggles to remember the many passwords that we’re all required to keep track of these days, the Clever Fox Password Book offers a solution. She can write her exact passwords in the book, but the recommended way to use it is to write down hints and clues that only she can decipher to remember her passwords. It’s a good idea to maintain a secure backup as well.

Cost: $18.99

  1. Comfier Wireless Hand Massager with Heat

Ideal for people who have carpal tunnel, arthritis, or everyday strain from using their hands, the Comfier Wireless Hand Massager with Heat offers three pressure modes and three levels of intensity for a personalized experience. The gentle heat therapy helps to promote blood circulation and ease numbness, cold fingers and palms, and soreness. Plus, it will help keep your mom’s hands moist and prevent dryness.

Cost: $69.79

  1. ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion

This easily portable, comfortable seat cushion is designed to relieve tailbone pain, back pain, and sciatica while promoting healthy posture. She can use it on her desk chair, in the car, or on any hard seat to ensure all-day comfort even when she needs to be seated for hours.

Cost: $34.95

  1. Costa Farms Snake Plant

Snake plants are among the hardiest indoor plants, and its stunning beauty complements any décor. This snake plant from Costa Farms will add life and beauty to your mom’s space, and it’s so easy to care for that it even thrives when neglected.

Cost: $39.00

  1. Frederick’s Original Fingerless Arthritis Gloves

If your mom has carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis, these compression gloves will help to relieve joint pain, aches, inflammation, and other symptoms with gentle, continuous compression. The fingerless design means getting relief doesn’t have to impact her daily activities.

Cost: $14.99

  1. Echo Show 8

The Echo Show 8 is a video-based version of the Amazon Echo that supports video calls so she can see you while she’s talking to you and the grandkids. It also allows her to view her calendar and reminders to keep up with day-to-day tasks, watch videos from Amazon Prime Video and other streaming services, and manage smart home devices. Plus, it can be used as a digital picture frame to display a rotating collection of all her favorite memories.

Cost: $99.99

  1. Ember Mug²

If your elderly mother likes her coffee just-so, this is the mug for her. This is no ordinary mug. The Ember Mug is The World’s First Temperature Control Mug®, keeping your mom’s cup of joe at the perfect temperature she prefers for over an hour after she first pours it. It has a smart LED to indicate when it’s reached the desired temperature and has an Auto Sleep that intelligently senses when to turn off.

Cost: $129.95 and up (depending on size and style)

  1. Fidget Blanket

Who says fidgets are for kids? If your elderly mother has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, a fidget blanket can provide comfort and relieve anxiety and boredom. With a variety of zippers, buckles, buttons, beads, and other objects she can work with, it’s also great for maintaining dexterity throughout life. If you’re crafty, you might want to create your own fidget quilt from family t-shirts or other sentimental items.

Cost: $43.99

  1. Filmstrip Notes 5×7 Notepad

If your mom is a dedicated note taker and list maker, she’ll love this personalized notepad featuring three to four snapshots of your choice to show off her grandkids or other loved ones.

Cost: $14.99

  1. FinaMill

The FinaMill is the first spice grinder and peppermill in one that can be used for multiple spices without cross-contamination. It uses interchangeable spice pods, eliminating the need to keep multiple grinders stored on the countertop or in the cupboard. It comes with two spice pods, and you can purchase additional pods separately.

Cost: $44.99

  1. Funster Healthy Brain Activity Book – Large Print Easy Puzzles for Adults

Does your mom love crossword puzzles or Sudoku? This activity book has it all in large print, so it’s perfect if your mom has vision impairment or simply wants to avoid eye strain. This book contains more than 100 puzzles for hours of challenging fun to help keep her brain healthy.

Cost: $14.95

  1. Galison Dogs with Jobs Puzzle

If your mom is a dog lover, she’ll get lots of enjoyment out of putting this jigsaw puzzle together. Featuring illustrations of dogs performing a variety of jobs (think cake decorator, firefighter, veterinarian, and much more), this 500-piece puzzle is a delight. It’s also a great way for her to put her cognitive skills to use to keep her brain sharp.

Cost: $13.99

  1. Grandbox Subscription Box

With the gift of a Grandbox subscription, your mom will receive a care package including a variety of items such as a healthy, nutritious snack, a personalized note from you along with up to four photos, surprise games and activities, and more. Choose from month-to-month subscriptions or pay in advance for a 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription.

Cost: $34.99 per box (for 12-month prepaid subscription) and up

  1. Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board

Take that cherished family recipe written on fading, yellowing, and torn paper and memorialize it on a beautiful cutting board that she’ll cherish forever. This is a gift that she’ll love to pass down through the generations one day.

Cost: $59.00 and up

  1. Heart of Hope Lavender Warming Pillow

Let your mom know she’s always in your heart with this hand-stitched pillow filled with natural flaxseed, buckwheat hulls, and dried lavender. It can be warmed or cooled to provide relaxing aromatherapy as well as spot treatment for aches and pains. It’s handmade in New Hampshire by Jessica Leff.

Cost: $29.00

  1. HeidiJHale Sterling Handwritten Messages Thin Cuff

This sterling silver cuff bracelet is easy to slip on and off, with no tiny lobster clips to fiddle with. Featuring a message of your choice in your own (or perhaps a grandchild’s) handwriting, this is a sweet and thoughtful gift that reminds her how much you love and appreciate her every time she glances at her wrist.

Cost: $165

  1. Huloo Sleep Weighted Blanket

This luxurious weighted blanket will make your mom feel like she’s enveloped in a warm hug. It’s 78 inches long by 48 inches wide and has a weight of 15 pounds. With breathable microfiber and ultra-soft minky material, it also has a quilted design to ensure the glass beads inside (which provide the weight) remain evenly distributed.

Cost: $51.99

  1. Intelex Warmies® Slippers

The Intelex Warmies® Slippers envelop your mom’s tired, aching feet in plush, warm comfort. Scented with French lavender, they’re easy to warm up in the microwave, and they can also be chilled in the freezer if she needs some cooling relief. They come in various colors and styles so you can choose the pair that perfectly suits your mom’s taste.

Cost: $29.99

  1. Jack & Rose Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

If your elderly mother loves her essential oils, this bracelet will allow her to experience her favorite essential oils on the go. Featuring the tree of life, it’s a classic and stylish design that will look great with anything she’s wearing.

Cost: $16.99

  1. Jo Straw Rancher Hat

Help mom shield her sensitive skin and eyes from the sun’s rays in style with this trendy straw rancher hat. A grosgrain ribbon circles the crown to add sophisticated style.

Cost: $79.00

  1. Joy-Leo Wooden Family Birthday Reminder Plaque

This wooden wall plaque will ensure that your mom never forgets a birthday or anniversary again. It comes with 100 customizable tags to write the names and dates of friends’ and family members’ birthdays and other special occasions, with space to hang them under each month of the year.

Cost: $21.01

  1. Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

If you live hundreds of miles away from your mom and often wish for an easy way to let her know you’re thinking of her, these long-distance touch bracelets will help you do just that. When you touch yours, your mom’s will light up and vibrate, so she knows she’s on your mind. And when she touches hers, yours will do the same.

Cost: $108.00 for a set of two silver rechargeable bracelets

  1. Misfits Market Subscription

For the eco-conscious elderly mother who loves to cook, a Misfits Market subscription is an excellent choice. She can customize her weekly order based on what she needs to receive sustainably sourced groceries and organic produce delivered straight to her doorstep. Plus, you can take comfort in knowing that she’s eating nutritious foods.

Cost: Varies

  1. Nestl Coolest Pillow

This heat and moisture-reducing pillow has cooling ice silk material on one side and soft bamboo rayon on the other, and it’s ideal for all types of sleepers. You can add or remove foam fill to customize the pillow to your mom’s preferences to ensure she gets a comfortable night’s sleep. And with a removable, machine-washable cover, it’s easy to care for, too.

Cost: $38.99

  1. Ninja – DualBrew 12-Cup Coffee Maker

The Ninja DualBrew Coffee Maker is incredibly versatile, allowing your mother to handle all her coffee and tea needs without multiple gadgets. It works with grounds or pods and offers nine ground brew sizes and four pod sizes, plus three brew choices, including an over-ice option for iced coffee. So whether she needs to brew a single cup to start her day or a carafe to enjoy with friends, this coffee maker does it all.

Cost: $199.99

  1. Pajamagram World’s Softest Pajamas

Give your mother the ultimate gift of comfort with the World’s Softest Pajamas from Pajamagram. The elastic waist with drawstring, roll-back cuffs, and side vents ensure that she’s perfectly comfy and cozy. They’re machine-washable, lightweight, and stretchy, not to mention petal soft.

Cost: $79.99

  1. Peace and Pampering Care Package

This care package from Spoonful of Comfort includes a variety of self-care supplies such as a cozy cable knit blanket, comfy socks, hand cream, soothing teas, a calming coloring book, and more. It’s the perfect way to pamper your mom and ensure she’s paying attention to her own needs this Mother’s Day.

Cost: Starting at $94.99

  1. Stitch Club Meshy Crochet Market Bag & Tutorial

With this kit, your mom will become a member of the Good Housekeeping Stitch Club. Perfect for the elderly mother who enjoys craft projects, knitting, or crocheting, it comes with all the supplies she needs plus step-by-step instructions and videos to create this trendy market bag.

Cost: $17.01

  1. Recycled Cashmere Ruana

Your mom can instantly elevate any outfit with this stunning ruana made of a sustainable blend of recycled and new cashmere. It’s super soft and versatile, making it ideal for a scaled-down wardrobe. It adds a touch of sophistication to any look.

Cost: $149.00

  1. Repurposed Sari Patchwork Apron

For the elderly mother who loves cooking or baking, this sari patchwork apron is something she’ll get lots of use out of. Not to mention, the double-sided patchwork of colors and patterns is absolutely stunning. Handmade by artisans in Bangladesh from repurposed sari swatches with traditional kantha stitch, each apron is one-of-a-kind.

Cost: $30.00

  1. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush

Make her daily style easier to maintain with the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer. It’s both a hair dryer and a brush in one, making it easier to work with than trying to maneuver a brush and a hair dryer separately to get the style she wants.

Cost: $59.99

  1. Simple Being Weighted Lap Pad

With five breathable layers of comfort, this weighted lap pad uses ceramic beads and reinforced stitching to ensure they remain evenly distributed. 20 inches by 27 inches in size, it’s the perfect blanket to provide some comfort. She can also lay it across her shoulders, back, or stomach to help her relax and unwind.

Cost: $38.99

  1. Storyworth Memoir Writing Service

Has your mom lived a fascinating life? Does she have stories to be told for generations? While she may not know where to begin when it comes to writing a memoir, the Storyworth Memoir Writing Service makes it easy. She’ll get a story prompt every week for a year, and at the end of the year, she’ll receive her completed memoir bound in a hardcover.

Cost: $99.00

  1. The Comfy Original

The Comfy Original is a plush, comfortable blanket your mom can wear. Perfect for the elderly mother who is often cold, this ultra-comfy wearable blanket comes in a variety of colors and patterns and has a generous front pocket so she can keep her essentials close.

Cost: $35.99

  1. The Poppy

If your mom likes to do her own nails but struggles to hold and maneuver the small brush handle, The Poppy universal nail polish holder will help her paint her nails mess- and stress-free with even, steady strokes. It’s especially useful for people who have arthritis or other conditions that reduce dexterity.

Cost: $16.00

  1. Top Shelf Family Memory Jar

This sweet memory jar will blend with any décor, and it comes with 180 tickets for your mom, her friends, and family members to document their precious memories and well wishes. Whenever she’s in the mood to reminisce or needs a pick-me-up, she can browse the cherished memories documented by those she loves most.

Cost: $24.49

  1. Warmies Neck Wrap

Microwaveable and scented with French lavender for the ultimate in soothing comfort, the Warmies Neck Wrap is the perfect Mother’s Day gift to help your mom ease neck strain and everyday aches and pains. It comes in a variety of colors and styles so you can choose the one that suits mom best.

Cost: $29.99

  1. Zadro™ 10X/1X Dual-Sided Round LED Lighted Wall Mount Mirror

This LED-lighted magnification mirror offers 10x magnification on one side and 1x magnification on the other. It mounts on the wall for easy access without taking up valuable vanity space. Choose from satin nickel, polished nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and chrome finishes to perfectly complement her décor.

Cost: $109.99 – $129.99 (depending on finish)

This Mother’s Day, pamper your elderly mother with a gift that strikes the perfect balance between thoughtful and sentimental and practical and useful. Whether she’s recently downsized and has limited space, or she’s thinking about moving to a retirement community soon, these practical gifts won’t add unnecessary clutter.

If your elderly mother is thinking that it might be time to consider senior living, take a virtual tour and check out the many services and amenities that await her at Arbors of Hop Brook. When you’re ready to take the next step, schedule an in-person tour to explore the many ways Arbors of Hop Brook supports a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.