assisted living apartment FAQs

14 Questions to Ask about Assisted Living Apartments

You have compared your senior living options, like independent living and assisted living communities, group homes, and more, and determined that an assisted living community is the right choice for you or a loved one. You may have also evaluated potential assisted living communities...

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Learn how to evaluate assisted living communities

Must Know Tips for Evaluating Assisted Living Communities

Evaluation and information collection go hand-in-hand. If you already have experience in evaluating assisted living communities, you may already have some vetting strategies that have helped you in the past. If you are just starting your search for an assisted living community or are...

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Assisted Living vs Group Home Living Options Analyzed

How to Decide between Assisted Living vs A Group Home

As you contemplate an upcoming relocation for you or for a loved one, you may be exploring residential options that also offer additional support for your health and daily living needs. Most likely, you have already discovered that assisted living and group homes are...

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